Kapadia Consultants Limited provide a wide range of engineering consulting services with an emphasis on structural and civil engineering design, planning and oversight. Our dedicated team of professional engineers specialise in structural and civil design, subdivisions, project management and construction supervision, giving us the ability and expertise to undertake challenging multidisciplinary projects. Our Services provided are as follows:


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Professional Engineering Consulting Services
Kapadia Consultants Limited provide a wide range of engineering consulting services with an  emphasis on Structural and Civil Engineering design, Project Management, Planning and Oversight. Our dedicated team of professional engineers specialise in structural and civil design, project management and construction supervision, giving us the ability and expertise to 
undertake challenging multidisciplinary projects.

Structural Engineering Design & Consultancy Services
Kapadia Consultants Limited has been providing high quality, cost-effective design solutions to Fiji and the South Pacific for over 15 years. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers work on projects which range from small residential structures to complete design of large multi-storied buildings. Kapadia Consultants Limited recognises the importance of robust technical design without sacrificing aesthetics. Our solutions are tailored to meet each specific client’s needs, while at the same time maintaining sensitivity to the environment and governing regulations. 

Earth Retaining Walls and Structures
As the real-estate market has grown, many sites once considered uneconomical for development are being re-contoured to produce functional building sites.There are numerous options available for temporary and permanent retaining structures. Kapadia Consultants Limited specialises in the design of earth retaining structures taking into account all factors that would affect the proposed structure and its environment. 

Forensic Engineering
Kapadia Consultants Limited provides expert Forensic Engineering services - detailed, objective examination and theoretical analysis when engineering failures occur.Through evaluating construction defects, structural failures, flooding and geotechnical 
failures through the application of engineering principles, our team of highly skilled engineers can determine the exact cause. We have the capability to provide engineering reports.

Project Management

Kapadia Consultants Limited provides project management services across a range of levels, from small residential structures to complete design of large multi-storied buildings particularly in Fiji and the South Pacific. We bring unique and extensive experience in managing projects combined with project management and programming tools to keep projects on time and on budget.

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Kapadia Consultants Pte Ltd knows that engineering is more than designing buildings. 

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