Kapadia Consultants Ltd knows that engineering is more than designing buildings. 

We  work with our clients to craft memorable spaces.

Established in 1999, Kapadia Consultants is a Fiji registered company and is located at 80 Augustus Street, Toorak in Suva, which is where all our Fire, Civil and Structural Engineering Services are provided from.

Our team of capable staff are highly adaptable to multiple team environments.  We understand the objectives of the Client, the Architect, the Services engineer; the Contractor and combine these with our output to maximize the overall value therefore providing a highly effective and efficient design. We do not have an over inflated sense of our own importance, but we do provide pragmatic high value advice. We ensure that there are no delays from our side in documentation, design, administrations of contract or site supervision.

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80 Augustus Street, Toorak, Suva, Fiji Islands

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